How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs

How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative assistants hold one of the largest occupations in the labor market, and employment opportunities are expected to grow. Administrative assistants are in demand in nearly every type of industry and companies of all types. The job requires someone who is organized, detail-oriented and proficient with computers and other office equipment to provide administrative support. Find administrative assistant jobs by checking out companies that are hiring and applying to those you are interested in working for.


Search online. There are many career websites that advertise administrative assistant jobs in every area and every industry.
Check out the major sites, including and Put your city and state into the search fields to narrow job listings to your area. There are also sites such as and Simply, which collect job openings from all online sites and provide you with those listings.
Look at sites specific to administrative opportunities such as
Post resume in online job banks. Many of these career websites offer you the opportunity to post your resume for potential employers to search.

Check the newspaper. Some companies still advertise in the local newspaper instead of, or in addition to, online. Look through the Classified section of your local paper. Sunday papers are often loaded with help wanted ads.

Use a placement agency. Several employment agencies contract with local businesses and major companies to staff them with administrative support.
Choose an agency that provides opportunities for temporary and full time administrative assistants.
Apply with agencies that specialize in administrative jobs, such as Office Team, Kelly Services or Aerotek.

Network. Use your professional network to find administrative assistant jobs. Keep in touch with former supervisors and co-workers.
Join professional organizations that will put you in contact with business leads. Attend meetings and conferences, where you can introduce yourself and discuss your career goals.
Keep in touch with other administrative assistants. They will likely be the first to hear of job opportunities, and can let you know how to apply.

Search companies you want to work for. If there is a specific company you would like to work for, check out their website for job openings. Submit your resume to the Human Resources department.

Utilize career centers. If you are a recent graduate, use the resources in your school's career center. Check out your local library for career help as well.

Go door to door. Showing up at offices to drop off your resume will demonstrate that you have initiative. You might get a job in a place that needs an administrative assistant but has not advertised for one yet.

Attend job fairs. Show up in professional attire with copies of your resume, and talk to the recruiters you meet about your experience and career goals.

Keep your skills updated. Learn new computer programs and stay current in the administrative industry. This will boost your qualifications while you look for work and make you more competitive.
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