How to Find Airline Jobs

How to Find Airline Jobs

You can find many rewarding careers within the airline industry. From flight attendant to pilot, many people enjoy working in this field. When you consider how popular air travel is as a mode of transportation, it's no wonder people take an interest in airline employment. With the proper research, a professional attitude, a resume and the ability to look in the right place, you can be on your way to a fulfilling career within the airline industry.


Decide what type of position you want. Whether you'd like to become a pilot or work in baggage claims, being able to tell an airline exactly where you think you'd fit in best may help you find airline jobs faster than applying in general.

Check wage and salary information for each type of position. You may find 1 that is projected to have considerable growth concerning job openings in the future.
Knowing this information will allow you to negotiate better during the interview process.

Get education or certification. Aviation industry jobs are unique in that many require a certification instead of a degree. This is the case for pilots and maintenance technicians.
Enroll in courses to obtain the certification you need for airline employment.
Go to college and choose a major related to the aviation industry job you want. Choose airport management, flight operations, aerospace technology or any number of other degree programs designed specifically for your field.
Even a broad degree in business or computer science can help you get aviation industry jobs.

Polish your resume and application. Include updated information when you try to find airline jobs.
Tailor your resume to the specific job you want.
Fill out your application in its entirety. Make sure it is error-free.
Include as much relevant information as you can. It will be easier for you to find airline jobs if you are descriptive about your experience.
Make sure you are eligible for the job. Different jobs require different levels of education and experience. Whereas you may be able to apply for an administrative position with just a high school diploma, a pilot is going to learn how to fly prior to actually performing the job.

Visit airline websites. Most airlines have a "Careers" section dedicated to airline employment opportunities. Use this section to find airline jobs, view employee benefits and apply for jobs.

Search the Internet to find aviation industry jobs.
Spending a good amount of time searching various job boards is 1 way to find an airline business with potential job opportunities.
Try searching for a job on an aviation employment hub website.
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