How to Find House Cleaning Jobs

How to Find House Cleaning Jobs

Whether it is your profession or a part-time job, cleaning houses is a great job option because there will always be houses that are in need of your services. Finding a job in house cleaning, however, may not seem as easy as it should be if you don’t know where to look. There are many ways to look for a job in house cleaning, and it is important to look for a way that you feel most comfortable with. You can advertise online, join an online service, or find jobs in your area.

Advertising Online

Browse websites. There are several websites out there where you can advertise for house cleaning services, or respond to an advertisement. You can post an ad on a website like Craigslist, where all sorts of services are offered. Or, you can advertise on a website made specifically for house cleaning, like[1]
Do not respond to or create advertisements if you don’t feel comfortable with the website. Only create ads on well-known websites with a lot of information available about them. A secure website starts with “https” rather than “http.”[2]
You can also search job websites under your desired category, like

Respond to online advertisements. Some websites, like, will allow you to respond to advertisements for house cleaning jobs. Depending on the website, you may or may not have to sign up and create a profile to respond. Respond to the advertisement stating things like your experience, availability, and expected salary.[3]

Create an advertisement. You can create an advertisement for yourself on websites like Craigslist, or through social media platforms like Facebook. Post about your experience, pricing, and availability. Be sure not to give away too much personal information. For example, you could say something like “I am a professional house cleaner with five years of experience. I provide excellent service at an affordable price.” Then, give your pricing and contact information.[4]
As far as personal information, it is okay to give away your first name and last initial, email address, and experience. It is better to wait to give more information, like your phone number, when you feel comfortable that you are corresponding with a legitimate person.

Joining an Online Service

Submit an application. You can submit an application to a house cleaning company if you don’t feel comfortable advertising and meeting up with strangers. If your application is selected, the company will send jobs to you. Often, you can create your own hours and build a client base.
You can also sign up for websites that cater to specific regions. For example, Queen of Maids provides service for many southwestern states in the US. My Clean provides services in New York City and Chicago. Search for websites that cater to your region.

Sign up for a service. There are websites, like, that are made specifically for jobs dealing with house cleaning and other types of care. In many cases, you will have to create an online profile. You should write about your experience, post a photo (if you feel comfortable), and provide references. Once you do that, you will be able to apply to jobs and promote yourself.[5]

Choose multiple websites. Unless the service and/or company requests it, you don’t have to stick to finding a house cleaning job through only one website. It will actually increase your chances of finding a job if you advertise or respond to jobs on as many websites as you can. To make this less time consuming, create an advertisement/profile for yourself and copy and paste it onto several websites. You can customize the advertisement if necessary.
For example, you can also search for jobs on websites like

Finding Jobs in Your Area

Ask friends and neighbors. An easy way to begin looking for a house cleaning job is to ask people that you know. You can ask friends, family, or neighbors if they need their house cleaned. Or, you can ask them if they are aware of any house cleaning jobs in the area. You can write a letter detailing what type of job you are looking for and distribute it, write a post on social media, or simply call someone that you know may be willing to help.[6]
If you know anyone involved in house cleaning, it is best to ask them first if they know of any available jobs.

Look at bulletin boards. Many community centers and some grocery stores will have bulletin boards where people can post advertisements asking or advertising for services. If you are a student, your campus likely has a bulletin board up somewhere. Look at these boards for house cleaning jobs, or create your own advertisement and post it to the board.[7]
In some cases, like on school campuses, you may have to have the flyer approved before posting it.

Pass out flyers. First, you will need to create an advertisement for yourself that details your experience, pricing, and information. Once you have advertisements printed, you can begin to distribute them. You can hand out flyers, ask local business if you can post a flyer, or mail them directly to people that live in your area.[8]
You should print out at least 100 flyers to distribute.

Check your local magazine. Many communities put out a local magazine that will be available outside of businesses, or mailed directly to your home. Look through the magazine and see if it has a section for advertisement. Search for available house cleaning jobs. You can also take out an ad for your services.[9]
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