How to Find a Job As a Preteen

How to Find a Job As a Preteen

Here are some ideas on how to make money when you are a young teen and can not get a worker's permit.

Do extra chores. This does depend on how cooperative your parents are, but if you are polite in asking and explain why you want the spending money, they're likely to listen. It's an easy way to make 10 or 20 bucks (or more, if your parents are generous). You could give the whole bathroom a good scrub down, or vacuum and mop the entire house.
You could ask your mom which chores she hates doing the most, and pick those up for her. Wash all the windows you can reach, or pull weeds in your backyard. Be imaginative!
Get creative. Ask your parents and family for ways you could earn a little extra money, and keep thinking of ways yourself! Before you know it, you'll have enough spending money for anything you've wanted, through a little hard work and determination.

Tutor. Do you know a kid younger than you who seems to be struggling in school? Offer to help them with their homework and help them understand what's being taught in class. Be tactful and polite when asking their parents, and prove your worth by showing them a report card and explaining your proficiency in whatever subject(s) their child is struggling in.
If they say no, don't be discouraged! There are always many children who need a little extra help, so keep asking around. Once you find one child to tutor, if his or her grades improve, you may get more parents who want your help. Just make sure to keep doing a good job.

Sell something. Do you have a bunch of old CDs that you haven't listened to in years? Or maybe a lot of baby dolls you never play with anymore, or some really old PlayStation games that are gathering dust? Collect everything together in one place, and ask your parents if you can have a mini-yard sale! Let them know you'll be responsible and set up everything yourself. They might give you other stuff to sell, like old clothes you wore when you were a kid, or old toys. Put up a table, and post signs around the neighborhood saying where and when the sale is. Arrange all your objects on the table, and think of appropriate prices- remember, don't make them too high! You can also sell something else at the sale to encourage other customers- perhaps the old classic, lemonade. Whatever you don't sell, donate to charity.
Read Have a Garage Sale for more information.

Be a pet sitter. This is something very similar to baby sitting but instead of a baby you have a pet. This could be a cat, a parrot or a puppy that is not yet comfortable to be left alone at home. You may only have to feed it, bathe it or walk it, but be responsible to make sure that the owner doesn't come home to a sick dog or a deceased cat.
Walk dogs if you live in a place where there are many dogs. You could charge 5-10$ for half an hour depending on where you live and make some good money. And if you are willing, you can poop-scoop people's yards for an additional fee.

Be a photographer. You will need a digital camera for this purpose and you should also know a thing or two about computers for this job. You could offer to cover birthday parties and other celebrations in your neighborhood. You need to practice a lot to perfect your skills here; you can add the final touches on the computer.
As a preteen, this job could be hard to sell to people. Make sure you are really good at the job.

Be a house sitter. There are many people who worry about their plants or aquarium fish when they leave for vacation in the summer. Offer to water and weed the plants or feed the fish or take care of their pet(s) for as long as they are gone.

Sell lemonade or baked goodies. Learn to make lemonade or any such foods that you can handle and your parents permit you to do. These could be sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Set up your 'shop' on your property or in front of it. If you are doing it anywhere else, be sure you ask permission of the people who own the place.

Wash cars, motorcycles or bicycles. You can offer to wash cars, provided you really know what you are doing. To learn the 'trade' you will need to assist your dad a couple of times and then try your hand first with your own car. If you receive recognition at home, you ready to offer this service.
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